Brompton bicycles are unique, both in their design and the way they are made… and where they are made – you will find few global bike brands still manufactured in their city of origin. Brompton continue to design and build their bikes in West London because it is the only way to ensure the necessary quality on our hand-built bicycles. Moving production offshore in search of lower labour costs, business rates and taxes would certainly bring some obvious benefits, but these would be outweighed by the consequences of losing control over quality and, ultimately, losing the confidence of the consumer.

The Brompton consists of some 1,200 parts, over three-quarters of which are unique to our bicycles (exceptions include the chain and various screws, washers and other sundry fixtures). As most parts have had to be designed in-house to meet manufacturing particular needs. Brompton continually refining our manufacturing methods, raising productivity, and every year sees a large investment in new machinery and equipment.

All Brompton bikes are handmade and built to last.

  • Manufacturer: Brompton Bicycle
  • Models: M, S, P and H
  • Baltics Distribution: BernatPlus Ltd
  • Manufacturer Website: