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Brompton Nickel Edition

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Introducing the Brompton Special Nickel Edition! Only 1500 of these gorgeous bikes will be produced globally. The main frame will be coated with a lustrous 50 micron Nickel plating. The extremities and components will be all Black, as per the Black Edition bikes. Not only is this finish absolutely stunning, but it offers exceptional corrosion resistance. Nickel  Superlight is available in the S or M Bar and will feature a Nickel plated handle post along with a titanium rear triangle and front fork

The distinctive U-shape of the M Type’s handlebars is Brompton’s all-rounder with a grip-height of 1013mm or 39 7/8″, which gives a fairly upright ride with excellent control.

The H Type handlebar provides a markedly more upright riding position – it has the highest grip height of the four options at 1072mm.

The straight low bars of the S Type (grip height 935mm) offer a sporty ride position and a rigid, lightweight, positive feel.

The standard specs for the Nickel Edition are:
-6 or 2 Speed, 33 to 100 gear inches
-Mudguards only
-Standard seat post on the M-bar and S-bar, Telescopic seat post on the H-bar
-Firm Suspension
-Brompton saddle
-Choice of tyres
-Front Carrier Block

We can also customize your Nickel Edition with lighting, special gearing, rear rack, etc.

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